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There's a lot of pavement in New York and I do a lot of walking. The result: I wear out my shoes fast! is saving me over $200 every year in cobbler repairs. Seriously.

Rebekah, NYC




Why do I need to change my heel tips?

Heel tips wear down gradually over time, and if they are not changed you can do serious damage to your shoes and your feet.

How do I know I need to change my heel tips?

You should change your heel tips when only 2-3 mm of it are left. At the very latest you should replace them when the metal rod of your stiletto is showing through or the heel tip has broken.

Do you have any other sizes?

We do not carry any sizes other than the ones you find on this website.
If you choose to shop with us, in order to find the right size heel tip for your shoe, we recommend you print out our sizing chart. You can hold your shoes against the stencils and see which size fits best. 
We don't stock any sizes besides what's on the chart, so if you don't find a good fit, you'll probably want to check with your local shoe repair shop.
In rare cases we've heard of customers ordering a size that's slightly too big and using a Dremel tool to trim it down. However, please only consider doing this if you're very good with DIY work. And whatever you do please be careful not to injur yourself.

Do you have any other colors than black?

Most of our heel tips are also available in beige. Simply select the color when adding the product to your shopping cart.

How do I change my heel tips?

Simply pull the old tips off with a pair of pliers, and insert the new tips in, securing with a hammer. So easy! Check out our more detailed instructions.

How long does shipping take?

We process all orders no later than the following business day.
Standard USPS shipping takes on average 4-6 business days.
Registered shipping arrives usually within 2-3 business days.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We charge a flat fee for shipping and handling of US $ 2.95 per order within the United States. Standard shipping (via USPS) is free if you order 5 pairs or more.

You can chose to have your order sent as registered post at a surcharge of $US 6.00. 

We also ship to most other countries for a flat fee of US $ 9.95 for standard mail and $US 15.95 for registered mail.

What if I ordered the wrong size?

You can return your unused heel tips. Please see our shipping and returns page for more info.

How long will my heel tips last?

That depends how far you walk in them!
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