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There's a lot of pavement in New York and I do a lot of walking. The result: I wear out my shoes fast! is saving me over $200 every year in cobbler repairs. Seriously.

Rebekah, NYC

How to find the right size?

Chances are when you bought your stilettos, you were focused on that fabulous vintage brass buckle, not the exact measurement of the heel tip. 

But choosing the right heel tip size is crucial for keeping those vintage buckles in action!  

There are two ways to find the right heel tip for your shoe:

Easy, just print our type sheet

Print our type sheet. It shows the most common sizes that we carry. You can find the right size just by placing your old heel tip on the print out. Select the size that matches your current heel tip.

Download type sheet (Letter size - Use this if you're in the US)

Download type sheet (A4 size - Use this for most other countries)

Or measure your old heel tips

Just use a ruler or a tape measure to determine the size of your old heel tip and voila!


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